Discover Oaklands: The Grand Lodge Wedding Venue


As a wedding photographer, I've had the privilege of capturing countless love stories in a variety of stunning locations. Yet, there's something truly magical about Oaklands, The Grand Lodge Wedding Venue in East Yorkshire. Nestled in a serene forest with a picturesque lake, this venue offers an unparalleled blend of tranquility and elegance that is perfect for modern couples with a chic taste.

The Setting: A Peaceful Forest Haven

From the moment you arrive at Oaklands, The Grand Lodge Wedding Venue in East Yorkshire, you are enveloped by the calming embrace of nature. The forest surrounding the venue provides a lush, green backdrop that is both intimate and expansive, creating a peaceful oasis away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The lake adds a touch of romance, its tranquil waters reflecting the beauty of the surroundings and offering breathtaking photo opportunities.

Indoor and Outdoor Ceremony Spaces

One of the standout features of Oaklands, The Grand Lodge Wedding Venue in East Yorkshire is its versatility in ceremony locations. The indoor ceremony space is elegant and timeless, offering a sophisticated setting for your vows. Large windows allow natural light to flood the room, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for capturing those precious moments.

For couples dreaming of an outdoor ceremony, Oaklands truly excels. The outdoor ceremony space is built on the water, providing a unique and enchanting setting that feels like a scene from a fairy tale. Imagine walking down the aisle with the serene lake as your backdrop, surrounded by the beauty of nature – it's a photographer's dream.

The Grand Lodge: A Luxurious Reception Space

The reception space at Oaklands, The Grand Lodge Wedding Venue in East Yorkshire is housed in The Grand Lodge, a stunning structure that exudes luxury and style. The Lodge features a mezzanine level, adding an extra dimension to the space and allowing for creative and dynamic photography angles. The decor is chic and modern, perfectly complementing the natural beauty outside. This space is designed to host unforgettable celebrations, with ample room for dining, dancing, and creating lasting memories.

Reception setup inside The Grand Lodge at Oaklands - stylish tables and decor.
Sunset ceremony at the outdoor space built on the water at Oaklands - romantic lake view
Winter first dance in the woodland at Oaklands - illuminated by twinkling fairy lights

Enchanting First Dance Options

Oaklands offers some truly magical options for your first dance. Imagine stepping onto the terrace at sunset, with the golden hues of the setting sun casting a romantic glow over the lake and forest. This breathtaking moment creates an idyllic backdrop for your first dance, offering a picture-perfect memory that will be cherished forever.

In winter, the woodland transforms into a whimsical wonderland, illuminated by twinkling fairy lights. Picture having your first dance beneath a canopy of lights, the soft glow creating an intimate and enchanting atmosphere. It's a scene straight out of a winter fairy tale, providing a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests.

First dance on the terrace at sunset at Oaklands, The Grand Lodge - golden hues and serene lake.
First dance on the terrace at sunset at Oaklands, The Grand Lodge - golden hues and serene lake.
Couple's first look by the lake at Oaklands - emotional and picturesque moment.

Exceptional Staff and Amenities

A venue is only as good as its staff, and Oaklands, The Grand Lodge Wedding Venue in East Yorkshire does not disappoint. The team here is dedicated to ensuring your wedding day is flawless. Their attention to detail, warm hospitality, and professional expertise are evident in every interaction, making the planning process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

For those traveling from afar, Oaklands offers on-site accommodation in the form of luxury pods. These Scandinavian-style pods are the epitome of comfort and style, providing a cozy and chic retreat for you and your guests. The convenience of having accommodation on-site means you can fully immerse yourself in the celebrations without any logistical worries.

From a photographer's viewpoint, Oaklands, The Grand Lodge Wedding Venue in East Yorkshire is a canvas of endless possibilities. The natural beauty of the forest and lake, combined with the elegant indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces, offers a diverse range of settings for capturing your special day. The Grand Lodge's stylish interiors provide a perfect contrast to the natural exteriors, ensuring a beautiful and cohesive collection of photos.

Wedding guests enjoying the outdoor reception at The Grand Lodge in Oaklands - festive atmosphere


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