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Class, Elegance & Summer Sunshine

Stepping into the elegant world of Saltmarshe Hall in East Yorkshire, I had the privilege of capturing Alexandra and Phillip's love story on their wedding day. The beautiful manor house provided a stunning backdrop for their romance to blossom.

The walled gardens were like a secret sanctuary, filled with delicate white flowers and lush greenery. The florist and stylist created a whimsical wonderland that reflected the couple's vision perfectly. The beauty of the scene was palpable, igniting all the senses.

In the bridal suite, Alexandra prepared herself for her fairytale day surrounded by her closest companions. Joy and anticipation filled the air, and I captured those intimate moments as she got ready.

Downstairs, Phillip and his mates prepared for the life-changing moment ahead. The mix of nerves and excitement was evident, and I was drawn to the raw emotions on Phillip's face. The moments before a wedding are a delicate dance of vulnerability and strength.

The drinks reception on the lawn was like a scene from a classic film. The guests celebrated the union of Alexandra and Phillip with clinking glasses and laughter. The golden hour cast a soft glow upon them, creating a magical atmosphere.

The wedding breakfast in the courtyard was a sensory delight. The guests enjoyed delectable dishes alfresco, surrounded by laughter and warmth. Alexandra had a surprise in store for Phillip with singing waiters serenading the guests, adding a touch of cinematic perfection to the day.

As we explored the grounds, Alexandra and Phillip's love story unfolded naturally. Against the backdrop of rolling landscapes, their deep connection and undeniable chemistry shone through every image I captured.

The evening was filled with music and dancing in the grand hall. A live saxophonist added sophistication to the celebration as the guests danced the night away. It was a true testament to the power of love and the joy it brings.

As the night grew darker, my role as a photographer evolved into that of a storyteller. Through each click of the shutter, I sought to capture the essence of Alexandra and Phillip's love and create a timeless visual narrative that would transport them back to their special day.

Using a low key, documentary approach, I aim to tell authentic love stories filled with emotion. By blending into the background, I create images that exude true authenticity while capturing the magic of the moment.

Alexandra and Phillip's wedding at Saltmarshe Hall was not just an event I captured. It was a love story, a journey of two souls coming together. Through my photography, I created a visual love letter that will forever be etched into their memories.

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bride and groom standing on steps of saltmarshe hall east yorkshire wedding photo